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Vapor Phase Chemical Cleaning (Injecting chemicals + steam)

Vapor-Phase Chemical Cleaning

  • Chemical injected Into steam.
  • Continuous injection of fresh chemical.
  • Continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon levels.
  • De-oiling, degassing & Sulphide oxidation (no Pyrophoric).
  • Minimal changes in operational steam-out procedures.

A typical Vapor-Phase Application (Vacuum Tower)

Vapor-Phase chemical-steam-water manifold


Key Vapor-Phase Advantages:
  • Minimizes Down Time
  • Reduces Steam Out Duration
  • Reduces Maintenance Activity Before and After Decontamination Process
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Extremely Low Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Waste
  • Does not make Stable Emulsions
  • Minimizes the amount of waste generated

Pre-flushing and Post-flushing advantages

Pre Flushing
  • PHelps reduce surface tension and remove free solids.
  • PPenetration and softening of Atmospheric Residue.
  • PAssures chemical contact of solids in packed sections and dead spots.

Post Flushing
  • Assures chemical saturation and neutralization of pyrophoric in large packed sections.
  • PHelps to carry out free solids.
  • PWill rinse out residual chemical and reduce odor.
  • POxidized rinse water helps with effluent disposal.

Steam is traveling upwards. This carries chemicals throughout the equipment, even to the underside trays. Condensation is constantly working downward – also carrying chemicals.

This promotes penetration and oxidation everywhere in the unit.

Pre-flushing and Post-flushing with chemicals allow additional oxidizing and washing treatment.

It is possible still to have untreated deposits deep within some zones, but everything that can be reached WILL be reached.


Combination of Vapor-Phase and bottom circulation

Bottom section of process equipment is liquid filled and circulated with either process pumps if possible or diesel driven high volume circulation pumps.

Top section or OVHD is vapor phased through  side stripper or temporary steam connection.

Advantages of the Vapor-Phase and Circulation approach:

  • Penetration and softening of heavy residuals and asphaltenes.
  • Assures chemical contact and reduces the possibility of channeling.
  • Will suspend and remove coke scale and particulates.
  • Results are equal to a cascade or full circulation but with less effluent volume.
  • Fewer mechanical connections and less maintenance time.

Photo Gallery

Process Towers recently cleaned by SENTRO’s Vapor-Phase Technology


SENTROKLIN chemical injection via 10 high-pressure pneumatic pumps

Steam manifold and air manifold to support 10 pumps working together

Injection point to the unit – chemicals, steam and water

Excellent cleaning results – flushing effluent is clear

SENTRO’s personnel are experienced and professionals in this field


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